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Re: After CFWF?

Small plates (1lb or 0.5kg) are usually absurdly pricey given how little material there is to them--see if you can find a fastener store where you can buy fasteners with a 2" inner diameter. A few of them glued together equals about a pound. Even 2.5lb plates won't do you that much good for presses, because a 2.5lb plate increase on each side obviously equals 5lb increases for each upcoming press day, and you won't be able to maintain that for long.

Wait, you said you don't have anything smaller than 5lb plates? So you've been doing 10lb jumps even on press? No wonder you stalled in a hurry. Before long 5lb jumps even on squats will be hard to maintain, so you'll definitely want 2.5lb plates for pretty much all your lifts.
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