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Question Home made CF equipment

Hi guys and girls,

Not really to sure where to post this so I thought'd I throw it in here. I

I started Crossfit training this past fall and fell in love with it. Currently all my workouts have been done in a gym. Lately I've been getting sick of going to the gym and thought I need to spice it up by taking my training outdoors for the remainder of the winter and soon into the summer (plus it'll allow the pup to get exercise too).

I was curious if any of you area already performing the majority of your WOD's outside. If you are, what kind of equipment have you constructed yourself or bought?

For example: - a few sets of dumbbells
- a large tire with a backpark strap for sprints
- 24' - 32' box

I dont have a problem trasporting larger any types of equipment that you guys think of or have made please let me know. Pictures would be great as well! Thanks a lot!

Stay safe, Train hard!
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