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It is no longer true that there are not enough skilled women fighting to make good matchups for a show like the UFC. A few years ago this was the case but now there are a number of women in the 135lb weight class that belong at that level. Maybe not enough for a whole division but definitly enough for single fights. There are obviously a number of men out there who are going to say things like they don't want to see women punch each other. But sadly enough there are still plenty of men who still think a woman belongs only in the home. It's been my experience that most of the men that are really against women fighting are either insecure, ignorant, have never seen a high-level womens fight, or are just sexist and nothing you can do could change their opinion. I feel fortunate that most of the people I've encountered in the sport have been nothing but supportive. I also feel fortunate that I train at a school where I don't ever hear people say things like "I wouldn't want to see women fight". I would imagine if I was a woman even entertaining the idea of trying the sport out that this would be very discouraging. I'm against seeing unskilled fighters in the UFC or any organization for that matter. But women no longer fall into this catagory and hopefuly the bigger events will start to see that sometime soon.
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