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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Friday morning, little tight here and there apart from that feeling good. Wife was in a good mood but tired. Had to pack the car today for a trip and got to the gym 20min later than normal, that put us off a little at the start.

Plan - for distance

Warm up
So we should have done our running warm up for 15min but we were so late that we decided to walk a little and then start. Maybe not the best start but what the hell.

For distance
Run, Row, Ski and AAB

20min - Run 3020m
15min - Row - 3093m
10min - Ski - 1636m
5min - AAB - 2583m

Total = 10332m

20min - Run 3250m
15min - Row - 3616m
10min - Ski - 2088m
5min - AAB - 3234m

Total = 12188m

minimum rest between movements, basically the time it took to move to them and start them up.

We took it easier on the run and took part of it as an extra part of the warm up, still not a bad distance. After the run things felt better, after a couple of min i jumped off the rower to fix the music in the gym, some idiot had put it on super fast and it sounded like some stupid kids music, so i lost 30 seconds fixing that.
Then we came to the ski only to find that 1 was being used, 3 of them were broken and we only had 1 so i jumped on the AAB instead and the wife hit the ski-erg. The AAB before the ski was horrible even if i got to rest 5min while i waited for the ski.

So today was all messed up but we got through it.

Cool down
A stretch for 20min while sweating a lot.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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