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Re: Help! Can't do any compound lifts for 4-6 weeks!

Popped a rib last year, myself. All I can say is to relax and let those 6 weeks come and go. Get outside, go hiking, ride your bike, take your dogs for a run. When you get in the gym, live on the GHD. I did a lot of sit-ups and hip and back extensions during that time. Work out any imbalances in your hips, too. I can't stress that one enough. This is the time to do the boring single leg suitcase deadlifts with 25 lbs. Make your glutes STRONG!! Lunge a lot, do some reverse hypers if you can, bridges, stability ball stuff, all the things that would help balance out your hips. See a professional if you think you need some guidance. It'll be money well spent.

I subluxed a rib last year and kept rushing to come back because "it felt okay". No, the capsule that the rib sits in is super fragile and it will come out if you rush back. Take those 6 weeks and don't do anything. Mine went from 6 to 12.
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