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Re: Help! Can't do any compound lifts for 4-6 weeks!

Thanks, Kenneth. Unfortunately I can't do the WODs @ Crossfit Endurance as I can't do any burpees, OHS, etc. I will try and see if I can manage lunges, split squats, etc. But having injured myself in the past (rotator cuff), I've learned the hard way to not start doing exercises that may aggravate the injury and/or delay healing time. I think it's wise for me to not overdo it for 4-6 weeks and just let my body heal.

Treadmill with incline (and maybe elliptical, and stationary bike) is about all I can do for now.

From what I understand, it's good to do a mix of HIIT (10-20 mins) twice a week & also 2 long stead cardio sessions (45-60 min) a week. Is that correct??

My goal is to increase general endurance and cardio vascular fitness for the next 4-6 weeks.

5'8" 165# 38 y.
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