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Re: Crossfit Gym Quality

That's the whole appeal of CrossFit. I started 2 years ago out of my garage and continue to do so to this day. Do I have everything, absolutely not, but I have enough and the rest I scrounge, borrow or make.

The whole purpose of CrossFit is to prepare yourself for whatever life throws at you and in many instances life doesn't give you much to work with so you have to improvise. That's what CrossFit means to me.

If every affiliate looks the same and provides the same what makes CF different from "blank" globo-gym? As said previously, it's the attitude of the trainers and the people that make each affiliate. Hell, for the first year all I had in my 200 sq/ft box were some rocks, sandbags, a tire and a well used wheel barrow.

CF is about adapting, improvising and overcoming.
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