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Re: Crossfit Gym Quality

Originally Posted by Zach Krogdahl View Post
In the past two weeks I have gone around and visited three different crossfit gyms. At all of them I had good workouts and met good people but what shocked me was how different each gym was. Only one of the three had showers and only two had all the equipment that I would think would be necessary to complete all posted workouts.

My question is wouldnt some basic square foot, equipment, and ammenity requirements increase crossfit gym marketability? Where is the crossfit gym quality control? I know it has been said that crossfit is not a franchise and never will be but how else can crossfit ensure that all gyms are properly portraying the crossfit name?
I see what you are saying and where you are headed with this, but that is not the Affiliate model. actually - there is no Affiliate "model", per se.

If CrossFit Affiliates were corporate owned or franchises then there could be uniformity in equipment and amenities - but they are not under that type of structure.

Most of the CF Boxes I have been to - and I've been to many - do not have showers. They all had enough equipment to get the WOD done - whatever the WOD was. If they do not have "item X" that might be used at another place, or at HQ, they have "item Y" they use as a substitute.

Personally - I really enjoy going to different Affiliates to see how they do things and to meet the trainers and members. I am glad they all are not the same. IMHO - it would feel a little creepy if they were all the same.
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