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Cyrus Ghajar
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I've been on the Zone diet a good 6 months now eating 5 blocks 5 times a day (and am still hungry a good amount!). I still am not seeing the changes I would like to (eg losing the thin layer of fat over my abs while still gaining muscle mass), and have come to suspect that it may have to do with my carb sources. I get my fats from either almond butter, almonds, olive oil, or peanut butter; and my protein comes from egg whites, turkey, chicken, and whey powder. My carbs are a different story. Currently, I get the bulk of them from fruits, granola, and brown rice.

Does anyone have any suggestions for better sources? Any help would be much appreciated. I already am trying to take Robb Wolf's advice on abiding by the zone while keeping the carb levels down somewhat.

Thanks in advance,

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