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Good scale for Linda WOD? answer quickly please :)

I gotta go take my bus in 30 minutes so I need fast input

Basically, I will lower the weight of every exercise by 1/4 of my BW, so I will do 1.25 on DL (220lbs), .75 on BP (130), .5 on Cleans (90) but here is where it gets tricky. I calculated the amount of weight I would be moving if I didn't scale the workout.

Exemple: on Deadlift I should do 260lbs x 55 reps (in total) so that gives around 15 000 lbs.

Now since I lowered the weight, I calculated how many reps I should be doing to move in total the same weight (15 000 lbs) and on deadlift it gave me 66 reps. So I will be doing deadlift, 220lbs (1.25 BW) for 66 reps total, so it will be:


I did this for all three exercises
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