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Kevin Shaughnessy
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Distal bicep strain

For reasons unknown, im beginning to get distal bicep strain while performing front levers. Its kind of like a tight ripping feeling as I come down into a hangthats very disconcerting given what I know about bicep tendon ruptures. I dont know if I would still feel it if I bent my elbows at that point. I've added inverted curls to my program and I'm trying to get stronger at pull ups in hopes of fixing it, but it would probably be easier to come up with a solution if I knew what the problem was. Anyone have any ideas? I think it started when I tried training the back lever. They caused terrible strain there. After that when I would be reading a book, keeping my arm at 90 degrees when I extended I'd get a ripping feeling in the bicep tendon. That has since gone away but now I'm beginning to feel it in other exercises. It seems to get worse through message. I do believe the forearm muscles around there are tight. The problem doesn't seem to appreciate stretching though either as that tends to aggravate it.

This is where I feel the pain:

And this is the area I think is tight and contributing to the problem:

Thanks a bunch.

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