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Re: Handstand Push Ups-Kipping yay or nay?

Originally Posted by Tricia Magrini View Post
We use 25+ plates with an abmat between them. Head has to touch the abmat so it must break parallel plane. I guess the standard varies from box to box though.
Yeah what I'm saying is that standard is poor also. You've essentially raised the floor in order to provide a cushy landing pad for the head without making it even shorter ROM (i.e. if you had the mat without the plates). 2-3 45# plates on each side with an abmat in the middle would be acceptable. Yes I know most people can barely do regular short ROM HSPUs. Scaling will always be there, but the goal should eventually be the same as Ring MU-HSPU or full ROM barbell press: hand to shoulder.

Anyhow, about the kipping, let 'em kip if it's a WOD.
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