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Re: Handstand Push Ups-Kipping yay or nay?

Honestly, the only reason why I don't like Kipping in the HSPUs is the fact that I can't kip hehe. I don't think it should be considered cheating, it's just a skill to developp, like the kipping pull-ups.

-On rings, you can't cheat if you start from bottom MUs position.

-On Parallettes, if you start sitting you'r all good too. If you try putting the parallettes wider it becomes wayyy harder.

- On Wall, i'd put 45 bumper plates on each side of abmat, once again, I feel like putting hands wider won't help you too much. The muscles involved are less developped than the usual shoulders and biceps. (What do you think?)

- Free, just touch your nose down...

I did this little vid showing my attempts at the different HSPUs:

Crossfit rocks
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