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Re: Tennis Elbow

Originally Posted by Eleazer Espinosa View Post
Hello all. I get the occasional tennis elbow flareup and am wondering how everyone treats it and any warm up suggestions. I try to ice it when I am home, but it doesn't take more than a handshake at times to remind me that it may never go away. Thanks.
What Brent said.

I tend to agree with the POV that often tendonitis issues stem from a biomechanical issue. High-rep, poorly done pull-ups can exacerbate it. Take a look at the CFJ for Tucker's series (sorry can't link from where I am) on kipping pull-ups...he has tips to avoid shoulder and elbow issues. Also check out Kstar's shoulder and neck mobility vids. His angle is that the arm is basically the upper body "leg" and the elbow is the "knee"...upstream and downstream problems can manifest in the elbow.
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