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Re: New Layout on

Originally Posted by Chris Sinagoga View Post
I know when you sign in it allows you to comment on things.
ah, thanks for pointing that out. I think i've only commented once on the wods on the old site so forgot all about.

So that's how you'd log in (view wod --> click 'login to comment' at the bottom. however, mobile view still doesn't have a logout/sign-out function.

there's also no way to update your email address (besides that very first time when they send an email verification link).

I also noticed the compare-to links don't work, which is annoying.
hmm...i went back a few wods and they work for me; make sure you don't have any pop-up blockers running. the date links open a new tab/window.

I suppose as long as there is a workout of the day I will be happy.

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