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Re: New Layout on

Originally Posted by Chris Sinagoga View Post

I want to reserve judgement until I find out the reason why they did it, but my initial reaction is I'm pretty bummed out. I really liked the old layout.
the "why" is obviously to make it more tablet / mobile friendly.

but in doing so it makes it much worse on desktop (compared to the old site, where it was almost perfect).

that section with the long horizontal scrolling area --

top global nav inconsistencies:

-shouldn't change when you go to different sections
-links shouldn't behave differently either (click 'WODs' will take you to the WODs section, but for 'Training' and 'Certifications' you have to hover and then click 'Home' ) . 'Home' is redundant as the top submenu item.
-and even different still is Exercises / Certifications / Journal where hovering over them gives a long horizontal menu and to get to that subsection is the item on the far left

500px high top image is absurd.

RSS not implemented yet or i just can't find it.

Robots.txt seems restrictive, like it's not allowing any crawlers at all.

LOVE the 404 page, though

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