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Re: Supplement advise, please

Originally Posted by John Drohan View Post
I think Luke nailed it as far as a recommendation goes.

I won't go off into a tirade about supplements and how they are marketed to us, but suffice to say over the course of 25 years of lifting/exercising, I've tried all sorts of them.

Protein powder (for convenience) and creatine are perhaps the only 2 that matter. Everything else is very likely a waste of money as long as your diet of real food is on point.
I specifiy these for most everyday clients:
-Protein Powder
-Fish Oil
-Viatmin D (super cheap and very good for us)

And these for competitive athletes
-Creatine if strength or muscle mass is an issue
-Additional BCAA's if you do multiple very intense workotus

Thats it / Thats all
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