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CrossFit for mental health

Hi everyone,
I am a CF Lv2 coach and I recently started a blog about how CrossFit helps me with my mental illness.
I have also come to notice that many of the students in the classes have similar problems. It seems that many of the members with mental health issues are unconsciously drawn to CrossFit as a form of group exercise therapy.
I believe, suffering from these ailments myself, that as coaches, we need to do more to be able to look for those in need and to be able to leverage the supportive atmosphere more to empower those we know need help and those who do but we don't know it. Until recently, nobody knew I was sick and always thought the strongest person in the room was ok!
If you have time, read my first blog post
and I hope we can destigmatize mental health and also empower coaches to help more (that's what we are here for)
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