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Brian Mulvaney
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Some discussion board participants have formed an unfortunate impression that expressing dissenting views is grounds for getting kicked off the board. That is absolutely not the case. Differing opinions are a prerequisite for serious debate. Provided they are respectfully expressed, dissenting beliefs will never be grounds for suspension from the message board. Posting under false pretenses is another matter altogether.

The following users are currently prohibited from posting to the board for suspicion of being fictitious identities used by the same unknown individual:

Ben Gimball
Marvin Treadwell
Marly Weston
Jack Milm
Gary Shannon
Jerry Rutlidge
Tony Delmonte

If there are any real people in that list, the board moderators would very much like to know about it. (If you can shed any light on this matter, please contact us.)

The use of a real name is a pre-requisite for posting to the board. We believe it is one of the best ways to ensure open and honest dialogue. We understand some individuals may have security or privacy concerns and are prepared to address and accommodate them. We are not prepared to accommodate posting under multiple identities. That activity is strictly prohibited and will be met with immediate suspension.