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Re: Sprinting only

As for running at school, I don't really care what others think of it. I have my girlfriend and don't need much else.

The people in the video posted by Shane are probably the !Kung. They hardly exist as hunter gatherers anymore. They've been mostly pushed off land and their old life has been extremely limited by globalization, which is why they're so skinny and malnourished.

The old hunters probably did not carry their prey very far. Everyone else picked up their stuff and moved to kill sites.

As for my goals, I'm not competing in much at the moment. Intramurals and obstacle courses or whatever occasional challenges come up locally. I am 5'10 175 right now. My highest point was 183, but I don't want to get much higher than 185, and probably not more than 190. I'm a college student right now and I have to conserve, so I can't splurge on too much food to get big. My biggest goal is I want to try to get an excellent body fat percentage as I have never tried to train for it. I want to be fast and mobile, and well rounded, so what I don't want is my upper body to get smaller.

I kind of want to do an experiment for a month or so, create a plan and see how it works. I'm going to sprint and run with long strides primarily, while doing pushups, pullups, handstand pushups, cleans, squats, deadlifts, snatches, bear crawls, and other simple workouts either in between running or whenever I go to the gym. Other than sprinting primarily, the plan is to be not too specific, and do what feels best at any given time, while seeing if I want to change anything up at any time.

I'll come back and let people know how it worked out...
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