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Re: Sprinting only

Originally Posted by Victor Maalouf View Post
When I arrive to school I park in the furthest spot from my class, then run to it as fast as I can, and usually run around in between classes with my backpack on.
Do people stare at you?

Originally Posted by Victor Maalouf View Post
I've also been watching videos of Olympic sprinters, and these guys are super-buff all around, with not just big powerful legs, but chests, backs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, etc. I'm gonna rethink this post but for now have to go. Interested in what others think.

Well, sprinting is very good exercise, and it indeed is a compound exercise much in the same way that squats and deadlifts are. I do think you can get a pretty good physique doing nothing but sprinting.

However, comparing your training to Olympic sprinters isn't exactly accurate because as Eric mentioned, most of them do a ton of strength work. Actually, from what I've read about elite level sprinting, there really isn't a given formula. I think most sprinters do a lot of squats, bench presses, power cleans, and maybe power snatches, although there are some great sprinters that don't lift at all (Carl Lewis comes to mind).

Look at Harry Aikines-Aryeetey here, runs a 10.1 for 100. Has a big physique but spends a lot of time lifting. Check out his 375# power clean: (wfs)

Originally Posted by Victor Maalouf View Post
I have been wondering, do we really need to do much else besides sprinting, running, and a little non-weights plyometrics? It's like the Paleo diet, our ancestors thousands of years ago did not have weights they could lug around. They had their bare feet and running, and maybe some tools and weapons they carried around.

If modern hunter-gatherer tribes are any indication of "paleo man," then they probably spent 90% of their time doing LSD - those three letters that everyone around here hates.

For evidence of this, check out this video of a persistence hunt, which is one of my favorites of all time: (wfs)

Now if by "paleo man" you're accounting for the various lifestyles and climates of our ancestors, then I suppose some of them sprinted, and some of them didn't. I'm sure some of them had to carry their food, and some of them just ate it on the spot. I'm sure some of them fought wild beasts, and others just caught fish, and still others just picked berries. Some of them lived in cold environments, others in tropical landscapes.

See what I'm getting at here? I guess it's fair to say that some of our ancestors' lifestyles mimicked a training program consisting of sprinting and bodyweight movements, but it's also fair to say that the lifestyles of other prehistoric humanoids did not.
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