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Sprinting only

I haven't been to the gym in a while, a couple months or so. What I have been doing fairly regularly is sprinting. I'm in college at the moment. When I arrive to school I park in the furthest spot from my class, then run to it as fast as I can, and usually run around in between classes with my backpack on. I also have a park right by my house where I do some freestyle plyometrics. I had been staying in fairly good shape until I got sick recently.

I have been wondering, do we really need to do much else besides sprinting, running, and a little non-weights plyometrics? It's like the Paleo diet, our ancestors thousands of years ago did not have weights they could lug around. They had their bare feet and running, and maybe some tools and weapons they carried around. I've also been watching videos of Olympic sprinters, and these guys are super-buff all around, with not just big powerful legs, but chests, backs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, etc. I'm gonna rethink this post but for now have to go. Interested in what others think.
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