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Re: Looking to change things up a bit with a cycle of SS

All great points to look at. I am already at 19% so weight is a issue. I am not a skinny 18 yr old by any means. More a stocky 31 year old! I can do the RX'd weights for the WOD's but I would like to improve my strength, raise my max weights in all the major moves and try and keep the same BF is not loose some with summer comming. I am a professional firefighter so strength is beneficial but also is function...I don't want to move a house I want to move 10 houses So with all the weight gain I may try skipping the GOMAD and keeping my 18 blocks, but I am planning on 2x my fat intake. I eat very clean..I just have a hard time with all the's a pile of greens all the time I started the Wichita Falls Novice Program from SS. I needed something to do today in the gym while I figured all this out. I would love to have a coach or someone to mentor or get me off and running a little. I is hard sometimes to weed a expert from a know it all if you know what I mean. I have done CF for almost a year, and been pretty much a traditional gym rat before that with some powerlifting experience in the military. My goal, is to keep this 200lb body weight and drop the %bf while increasing my strength. I think once I hammer the strength side awhile 2,3,4 months then when I start to get bored/broken down switch over to the CFSB program. Am I on track with that though. I really like the way the CFSB is laid out, heavy weight, Met Cons and fun tires, rings etc.
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