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Re: Looking to change things up a bit with a cycle of SS

Originally Posted by Kevin Thomas
2. You will get fatter. If you do GOMAD you'll likely get a lot fatter. Deal with it or do a different program.
I just would like to stress this point a little bit. My lifts went up a heck of a lot, but my pant size also went from a 32" to 38". I overdid it because I kept pushing GOMAD even though the gains had dried up. I'm really wishing now that I had not gotten so caught up in:

Originally Posted by Thomas Brick
don't be so concerned with eating clean. It's always easy to burn fat afterwards.
Being in my thirties and having a desk job with a long commute to work means that burning the fat isn't quite so easy. If you were 18 years old or a pencil thin hardgainer I'd say go for it...but I would caution anyone in their 30's and upwards or those with BF over 15% to really think about going hog wild in the name of adding a few pounds to the bar.

Just food for thought do with it what you will.

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