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Matt K
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Hi everyone, I recently stumbled across CrossFit while searching for gymnastics info. I downloaded the free CFJ issue and I have to personally say this is the best "fitness philosophy" I have ever come across, at least I think it's the best for my interests.

I don't have a physically demanding job anymore (it's still blue-collar but it's not as demanding as my previous military job). Having stated this, my fitness goal is to remain physically young, flexible, strong and basically capable to attempt just about any physical activity I wish to endeavor -which is why I really like the CrossFit exercise philosophy because it seeks to cover a broad range of physical movements as well as incorporating enough day-to-day variety to prevent boredom which almost inevitably leads to quitting.

Anyway, I've been practicing various bodyweight exercises for months now and have daily access to a pull-up bar and parallel bars for dips. I also have rigged up web slings (with tube handles) which I loop around my pull-up bar to use for body rows. I figure I can substitute this exercise for rowing but I have some questions about some of the other WOD exercises.

Can anyone recommend any substitutes for the O-Lifts until I can eventually get the necessary equipment. (I do have an adjustable set of dumbells...) I can run, I think I've figured out a way to substiture rowing, and I'm working on getting a bike here soon. I'm also trying to figure out a way to rig up a set of PowerRings somewhere here at my apartment...

I'd appreciate any exercise-substitute suggestions for the O-lifts, swimmimg, and anything else I may not have covered so I can start practicing the WOD exercises sooner than later.

Thanks for any help!
Matt K :happy:
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