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Jeremy, Sounds like a plan. Do not add extra "cardio" (risk of overtraining) but you could take nightly recovery walks to boost your EPOC. You may want to go with leaner protein choices (chicken, fish, no fat cottage cheese, etc.) rather than beef, etc. Up your fat intake in the form of fish oil (3g fat per block rather than 1.5). Don't cut carbs, you need them for all the exercise your doing, but make sure they are from vegs and fruits. Drink well over a gallon of water a day. If you had more time we might play with water balance prior to the weigh in but I'd be worried about doing anything new right now. Three weeks out from the fight I would cut the WOD volume in half with a corrospondent increase in your sparring and grappling. I would work rounds with three partners, each round a new partner works in with you, so you are always fighting a fresh partner. Taper a week out from the fight. Good luck, let us know the results.
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