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Jeremy-Since your sport involves lots of grappling, wouldn't being at the bottom of your weight class (200+) put you at a disadvantage?

However, if you did try to drop down one weight division, you would have to lose almost 10 pounds in 7 weeks, correct?With a bodyfat as low as yours, that might be a bit difficult, but that is probably what I would do if I was in your situation.I would rather be at the top of my weight class, especially if it involved grappling.

I would pick a few exercises and try to keep them as sport-specific as possible.Your time limit is 15 minutes of quick bursts of kickboxing and grappling, so I would do something like this:
Set a timer for 15 minutes and using the Tabata method of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off, I would alternate between intervals of kicking and punching a heavy bag with intervals of sandbag lifting, loading, throwing, or carrying.For example, the first 20 second work interval you work kick/punch combinations against the heavy bag, use your 10 second rest interval to walk over to your sandbag and for the next 20 seconds, lift it from the floor to shoulder, switching sides every other rep.Try to keep this going at the fastest rate possible for the entire 15 minutes.

Something like this could be effective because you are including skill work (heavy bag) with strength training (sandbag lifting), and because you are combining both, you are teaching yourself to push through fatigue while trying to keep your skills sharp.Also, maybe do this routine first thing in the morning before you eat.It might help with fat loss.

Good luck with your match.
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