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Larry Lindenman
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Jeremy, good luck in the prep and in the fight. . .win one for the message board! I have some experience training fighters and would recommend you try to lower bodyfat to about 7% prior to the fight. I would do this with diet, the WOD, and your specific fight prep training (no extra cardio); also, if your taking creatine, you may want to drop it. It's tough being a 200 pounder in the heavyweight class, just having the big boys lean on you could be draining. I'd rather be the biggest guy in my weight class. If you need to you could dry out a little, but I don't like to screw with electrolyte balance just prior to a fight. If your going to do this I would do a dry run at least one week prior to the weigh-in to see how you react and how long it takes you to recover. Remember to taper one week out from the fight. Good luck.
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