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Re: The Mutation from Man to Machine...

Originally Posted by David Schneider View Post
Anytime brother!

The HSPU's just seem to come natural for some reason. I went from none to a lot in no time... Best advice for those is to hit the gymnastic work hard and supplement with more presses, low reps, heavy weight. That's what worked for me anyway...

Gant said that Deadlift PR's come in two's (like the Sith ), and I should be able to hit 450 or so sooner than I think... So I'm going to shoot for that 2.5BW DL here very soon.

I need to grease the groove on them again, been neglecting them a lot lately.

Gant is absolutely right, I've had it before. When I hit a deadlift PR, it means I'm really about to PR the week after ! I had it this month again when I really didn't expect it.
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