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The Mutation from Man to Machine...

Hello all...

I've been rocking CF since Mid-March and finally decided to start up the log.

I'll let you in on the last few days to start, and hopefully I'll consistenly update

A little background on yours truly... I've lost about 80# in the last few years, 30# of which has been since starting CF in Mid-March. My current stats are like so - 24yo / 6' / 183#


3x5 40# weighted Ring Pull-Ups
Gymnastic Work
Tabata Sprints
Tabata Anchored Sit-Ups

3 Rds
7 - Hang Full Squat Cleans @ 125#
7 - 40# Weighted Ring Dips (holding a 40# DB between your feet while ring dipping is an extra WOD in and of itself )
7 - Burpee Double Pull-Ups (burpee transition to two consecutive pull-ups instead of one)

Time - 18:10 (not a good time on this one, just gassed for some reason... Those burpee double pull-ups killed my hands, I was jumping up to the 2x4 rafters in the garage, so it's not the kindest surface for such an exercise...)


WOD: 50 HSPU's for time.

Time - 4:59

I rocked out 19 consectutive HSPU's to start off... That's my new PR! My previous was 15, so I smoked it! It wasn't too long ago that I couldn't even do ONE of these, now 19 in a row. Pretty pleased with that. But as you can see, after those first 19, I had to chip away about 4 or 5 at a time.
The Mutation from Man to Machine...
Aut Vincere Aut Mori

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