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Re: Osteocondritis Dissecans Pain (Non-surgical)

So just a quick update on this thread as I know that there isn't a lot of information out there about OCD and even fewer personal stories to help people out. So this ended up being a surgical case, more than 2 years after the original post was made I was continuing to have persistent locking and grabbing episodes that were worsening rapidly. I couldn't sit down without a 95% chance of my knee locking and me being in excruciating pain! I had surgery in May of 2015 to repair a lesion of bone which had almost completed broken off (like a flap of bone, about 1.5cm x 1.5cm big!) They put 5 dissolvable Yu pins through the bone to hold it in place, wasn't allowed to load the knee up at all for 6 months (no squats, no lifts, no running etc.) but was able to make a smooth transition back into running, sport and crossfit with no issues!! Although that wasn't the end of the story!

10 months post surgery, (March, 2016) not one but two of the pins failed and came loose with no explanation! The first had completed pushed its way out of the bone and the other was about half way out. Can someone please explain to me how this happens?!? From what I had been told before the first surgery and also further research since, this simply shouldn't happen as then bone should be almost completed healed by 10 months!! It was the first time my surgeon had seen it, and he was baffled as to why it had occurred so he simply just removed the 2 pins as he didn't really know what else to do even after consulting with another Orthopedic surgeon to discuss the best method! Two days after the pains simultaneously failed, I was rushed into surgery as my knee had completed locked up and the pain was excruciating!

I was told that I would be back to running in about 6 weeks and back to full training in 8! BUT again the story didn't finish there! Persistent pain and swelling in my knee, no matter how long I take off or how slowly I come back I have had partial grabbing through the lateral side of my knee, pain through the medial back of my knee and other aching pains. Some days I am completed fine, others I can't walk and some I can't even straighten or bend my knee.i have had further MRI scans which didn't show anything that related to my various symptoms! Opinions from 2 surgeons, 3 sports docs, 8 physios and sports psychologist and numerous hours spent searching the Internet for answers I still don't have no idea!

It has now been 7 years of dealing with OCD and it seems like the aftermath is still going! If anyone has any suggestions or similar experiences please let me know as I am seriously running out of ideas other than to just give up on sport and crossfit!

Hopefully sharing my experience of OCD can help someone else out! Thanks
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