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David Wood
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Well, the WOD for today was "Chelsea", but I allowed myself to get sucked into this, instead:

10 rounds of:

8 DL at 225 lbs (my BW is 154).
10 "regular" pushups
3 one-arm pushups each arm.

Kinda fun. There were 3 of us doing this, so we ended up on about a 90-second to 2-minute rotation per round. Whole thing took 18 minutes start to finish.

One of the three of us is a BIG guy (6'5", 260 pounds, 320 bench and 445 DL). A 225 DL is nothing to him . . . a warm-up weight . . . but doing it 80 times in less than 20 minutes was a new experience . . . he chose to bail out at round 8 rather than experience a visit from Pukie.
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