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Reid Hurley
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Reid Hurley CFCC Log

Finishing my 4th month of Crossfit and finally decided to start recording my workouts and tracking progress.

25 y.o.

Back Squats
3x 155
3x 175
3x 205
3x 225
3x 245
3x 265
3x 285


5 Rounds
7 Back Squats (1/2 Peak) used 145lb
7 Burpees


Wanted to go sub 4 but I started a little too quick to keep pace. Plus the weekend was a little more booze soaked than it should have been and I am sure that didn't help.

I've already surpassed my previous pr (255) by a decent amount for 3x and still felt like I had a lot left in the tank. I am shooting to top out around 325ish by the end of the month.
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