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Re: Does a carb reduction need to result in Ketogenesis to be effective?

Originally Posted by Jacob Markowitz View Post
I know that a big point of carb-counting diets is to induce ketogenesis and change the way your body metabolizes fat.

Unfortunately, this requires an almost complete removal of carbs from the diet, i.e. bringing carbs down to 5% or so of daily intake.

I've recently reduced my carb intake from probably around 60% on the average day to 30% of my calories, and I'm bringing it down further to 20%.

Will I see any benefits at all from the less-carbs aspect of my diet, or will any benefits be based much more on what I am eating rather than what I'm not?
Fat oxidation increases whenever there is a negative energy balance so you don't need to cut carbs to lose weight just calories.

Energy deficit without reducing dietary carbohydrate alters resting carbohydrate oxidation and fatty acid availability. (wfs)
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