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Re: Working on weaknesses idea?

Originally Posted by Jamie J. Skibicki View Post
Clean and Jerk
Handstand Pushups

Come out to bridville with us and we can work on this, both programming and technique. THese are all strength based, so I would suggest something like 1-2 strength movements and then a 15 or less metcon.

Burpees(and Pushups)
Double Unders
Box Jumps
Wall Balls

These are more endurance based, but running and double enders also are dependent on good technique. SPend some time working on the technique (alternate practices).

Form your metcons from these and things that support them.
Jamie, thanks for the input! Yeah... sometime. I'd love to though.

My Snatch, CJ, and OHS are limited by problems with my left shoulder, technique, my right knee and mind over matter.

HSPU and Dips are just lack of practice, strength.

Running is my biggest problem, perhaps more so the skill aspect than cardio wise.

Double unders is my lack of technique, training at it.
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