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Re: paleo "change your life in 30 days"

Originally Posted by Jessica Hall View Post
What a disaser the weekend was.
Had a massive pizza splurge on Sunday and a beer. Felt gross and sick aftwards.
Had a few beers on friday too and pastry.
Im counting today as day 1 again. I cant handle any small cheats. Need to get the body off the addiction of the bad stuff. Not going to be easy, I have 4 days off this weekend.

I think its a great idea to start a threat for the after 30 day challange.

How many days left now Tamara and Diane?

Im going to do the 30 days no alcohol and no cheats at all. Need to stop making bullsh** excuses.

seven pounds in ten days, nice work Diane
I'm on day 80 more to go!

Originally Posted by Sarah Clent View Post
My weekend was a disaster too
hello wine and pasta and chocolate!!!!

Tamara - i want to incorporate more fats into my diet too... and when you say you eat lots of fruit - what are we talking there? i have 2 apples a day, one at breaky and one at lunch... is this too much?
Can you share you basic daily food journal with me i think you have it down pat... and i need to start shedding kgs
Haha, I eat so much more than 2 apples a day. For breakfast, I usually have either 2 cups of melon/pineapple or a banana or 2 clementines (since they are in season now). Then, another cup or two of melon/pineapple at some point for lunch or snack. Usually either an apple or a banana for lunch or dinner. And, I eat dried fruit. We get the bulk dried fruit from the natural grocery store - it's just fruit, no citric acid. I eat the bananas, mangoes or pineapples...mix with nuts. So, that is really a ton more than a lot of Paleo peeps eat. But...SIGH...I was down to 135.0 lbs this morning.
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