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Re: Struggling to stay in there

Originally Posted by Ronen Turkel Gottlib View Post
I guess I'll try Katherine's and Ben's advices before adding a block.

Ben, You are so very right with the rest assumption. I do luck a proper rest and sleep at night, but that's thanks to my young baby girl.

Since usually when I go to work out is only after the kids are in bed, at around 8:30PPM, I might try to set my zone partitions to 4,1,4,4,1,(work out),3. That might do the trick with the close to bedtime eating.

A Shekel for your thoughts….
Maybe if you redistribute your blocks like this 4, 4, 2, 4, 3. Eat your 4 block dinner around 6PM/630PM and this will give you plenty of time for digestion, and your maybe eating enough blocks after your workout to sustain yourself until breakfast depending on what time you eat breakfast. I get up pretty early for PT(military) so I do 2, 4, 4, 4, 2. 2 block snack around 5 am, breakfast around 830 lunch around 1230 dinner around 1700 and snack around 2130.
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