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Re: Wooden Homemade Rings tutorial

I currently have my rings mounted with 2" tow straps with carabiners. Biners go through the loop on the end, wrap around the bar and down through the biners again. I couldn't find a 2" buckle (not a cam just an adjusting buckle like on gym bags) so I made some from 2 steel rings overlapped. I got the rings at the hardware store where the lag bolts and such are. Over, under through around the gymnast rings and back up though and viola. Very strong but doesn't adjust as fast as cams. I ordered some 2" cam buckles from an automotive store so I'll give that a try. They were only $7.50 each and about the same for the straps. Should be good. Maybe I can get the wife to test them out for me first. lol

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