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Re: Diabetic Dude on the Zone

Originally Posted by Michael Terska View Post
I've only been as high as 156 once and that was kinda my dumb@$$ fault. I ate a huge apple, a box of rasins and two granola bars (don't ask they were just laying around) before BJJ, so other than that my sugar is great.
Hi Michael,

Do you mind telling me how long ago you were diagnosed? I am a type I, ten years diagnosed, if I ate any of these things you mentioned without supplemental bolus insulin my BG readings would be well into the 200 - 300 range. If you are newly diagnosed then you may still be producing some insulin? BTW, I have been on the pump for 4 months, Lantus/Novo for about 5 years before that. I've seen Lantus have a strong effect, but that meal would have been close to 100 grams carb - nothing Lantus could have covered.

Just curious - thanks for your post. I love to read about people with type I facing there disease and kicking it into submission.

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