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Re: Diabetic Dude on the Zone

one of the benefits of the zone/paleo diets is that they improve your insulin sensitivity.

diets that are super high in carbohydrate cause your body to go into insulin production overdrive every time you eat, because of the speed at which sugar is absorbed into your bloodstream..that's called your insulin response.

zone/paleo, having a lot of fiber and protein, and very little carb, slow the absorption down DRASTICALLY, not to mention the total quantity is much lower. this leads to a smaller insulin response...more insulin sensitivity, which is on the other end of the spectrum of type II diabetes (insulin resistance).

all that means for us type I's is that we need less insulin. this is without mentioning the countless other benefits of zone/paleo, including a cleaner GI tract, faster recovery, more resistance to illness...

mike, i've been getting low a little more often since i've changed my diet. i might need to experiment with my basal rate again...

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