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Re: How did your "Murph" go?

I doubt a lot of the times I see posted...and mainly due to ROM standards and you see a lot of very questionable reps on push ups and depth on squats.

It's a CF workout I have done 4x. Once no vest, 3 with vest. I track my time as like everyone, I like to see improvement but I cannot get over folks cutting ROM on this wod. For the record, I was 48:20 this year. A minute and change improvement from last year. Felt better the entire way through but it wrecked me for 2.5 days after. Did it partitioned. Mile times were 8:21 and a little under 10 for second mile. Paced the run...not a great runner like Vic so I can't afford to kill myself early. All BW stuff felt great.
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