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Would this be a good idea for WOD

Hey everyone,
I have injured both my knees with bad technique squatting. Since Im trying to prepare for a spartan race, I decided to focus on a.) losing weight and b.)working on my upper body strength. As such, I dont follow my crossfit classes, but rather do my own. Here is the basic idea:

- Start with warmup, 5 minutes on rower and stretching
- Technique work. In my case, that's usually working on kipping-style toes to bar, focusing on grip strength or training HSPUs or strict pull-ups (i.e. things Im not good at or I need to get stronger at)
- Strength - do 5x5 Bench press or Military press (alternating). Linear progression.
- Metcon - Here i try to apply the BBB principle of Jim Wendler, where he suggests to do around 50% of weight used for the strength exercised and do 10x5. So I'll do that as a part of my metcon and then do something else (1000m rower for example and alternate these 2 exercises)
- Rope climb - I just recently learned to do it and I climb the rope every sessions I get the chance, simply to get better at it. I feel it really works my upper body.
- Tabata - Ill do a single 5min tabata, with focus on back or abs.

All in all, this routine takes me somewhere between 60-90 minutes and is not taxing on my knees which currently need some rest. My plan is to also include power-cleans very soon. What do you think ?

Also please, do u know of any WODs including rope climbing ? thanks
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