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Re: Get Rx'd Guillotine

How much did you pay for shipping? Trying to compare vs. the OneFitWonder Squat + Pullup Rack ( wfs).
I paid $121 frieght shipping. I also looked at the Fringe rack. I love Fringe and Peter and his crew are great. I actually bought #500 lbs of bumpers from them earlier this year!

Some of the things I liked about the Guillotine over the Fringe rack were the longer spotter arms, the pegs for band work, the option to put the pegs on the spotter arms to do dips.

I also looked at the Rogue SML-2 Monster Lite. The problem was once I added in the spotter arms, mounting kit, shipping etc. It came out to $740 bucks. I paid $480 total for the Guillotine. That's a $260 dollar difference and that's going to go towards the Skierg machine I'm looking to get.

Good luck with your decision.
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