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Re: Beating Bob Harper in 2014

Originally Posted by mike vinson View Post
1. what does "getting a better motor" mean? and how do i do it other than daily WODS?

2. what are considered "longer time domains"

Endurance...You need to be able to keep moving after one minute, two minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes etc. With regard to the 5k time, if you can run a twenty minute 5k, you will be doing pretty well in the endurance/lungs/motor/engine aspect of working out. Looking at your stats, that 40 min 5K sticks out for me. I am not saying go be a runner but I think a 5k time is a good indicator of cardiovascular fitness.

Really though, so much more is involved in putting up good times/reps whatever.

Since you have only been at CF for a couple months what you need is patience. Put in the work-identify your weaknesses, pound away at them-and you will get there. You will see huge results/gains in the first year.

BTW, I am 44 years old, 5'10" 190# and I wish my squat were 600# pounds but I'd rather have a three minute Fran. Wait, I will take both...a three minute Fran and a 600# squat

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