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I've been around the world of supplements for a while. I can remember 10+ years ago buying my first bag of protein and wondering why people tortured themselves like this...

I've purchased from many brands over the years and have to give a shout out to Chris mason and his product and service.

I tried the coffee nitrean+ for the first time about 3-4 weeks ago and he contacted me about how the shipment I received was not right flavor wise. Again he contacted me before I had opened my tub and tasted it.

Ill be honest I would have not known and just thought the flavor was not for me. However he shipped a 2nd tub of the coffee free with the right flavor set. He had decided to do this before I ever tasted the 1st tub!

I like the right mix and will order that vs my usual strawberry and cream.

That said how many companies out there let you know of their mistake before hand and fix it on their dime? How many companies are dedicated to making sure their stuff is as good as possible? The sad truth is not that many. Most are focused on a profit and will skimp and save and cheat to get there.

I don't give out praise as often as I should but in a case like this, I feel it needs to be done.

Chris has proven he tries to help educate us in the world of supplements. We might wonder if its simply to drive us to him, but I think he really cares about us spending our money on a good, quality product. He reviews stuff fairly and gives credit where he thinks it is due.

this example of him doing the right thing even when it cost him needs to be recognized because people and companies like this seem rare today!

Thanks again Chris for all you do and for putting out such a great product like you do.
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