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AH! lynne answered my question and aimee provided a few additional questions.

power clean vs squat clean is the issue i now realize i had during and after yesterday's wod. after the WOD and re-watching the crossfit video examples for clean and squat clean, i decided i wasn't squatting deeply enough. i also thought all those cleans i did in years past might have been incorrect because i wasn't squatting deeply enough. it now appears what i did yesterday, and what i used to do years ago, were power cleans.

1) is this simply crossfit terminology, or are the two lifts recognized separately (power clean vs clean or squat clean)?

2) if a clean/squat clean would be considered a "missed" power clean, when we see a WOD with "clean" should we be performing power cleans, or should we be performing squat cleans to incorporate the deeper squat as part of the workout, or does it matter?

3) if it matters, it's seems that 'clean' is ambiguous and we should specifically use squat clean or power clean for our training purposes, doesn't it?

4) am i waaayyyy over thinking this? i had a great workout either way and believe that cleans, et al, are one of the greatest power building exercises ever developed.

thanks in advance for you additional input!
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