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Re: Nutrition for a dummy (me), MyFitnessPal app

Originally Posted by Luke Sirakos View Post
Congrats on your progress, it really is amazing what just simply tracking your calories and macros can do for weight loss. I think it really can open your eyes and I have never come close to the results I get when I track compared to when I don't.
Depends what your goals are. Weight loss is easy with or without tracking macros, but performance gains are a different game to play.

For example, I was out of the gym for 2 months (did visit the gym, but doing some lame BB routines, just to have a feeling im doing something), I ate a high fat, low carb diet and had meals when I felt I am hungry and never tracked macros.

I lost 7kg with no problem, and that was from 81 to 74. My waist is 7cm shorter, jeans dont fit anymore :/
Originally Posted by Rick Scarpulla
Toughness is a state of mind not a size.
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