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Re: Demo of mainsite WOD March 11, 2015?

No way you start with a fresh bar each movement, definitely how Chris laid it out. I actually think it's a very interesting workout, and plan to do it one day soon, depending on when I do 15.3. The length is really only dictated by your 1RM deadlift. It's EMOM, so you don't get to spend five minutes trying to PR a snatch or something. If you don't get it done in the minute, you have to move on. And, I assume there's no way you're going to actually hit your 1RM deadlift after all those other lifts, so you can set that as your "no longer than" threshold. My DL 1RM is 445#, which means it'd be 40 "10# additions" to an empty bar, so 40 minutes max for me.
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