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Re: Demo of mainsite WOD March 11, 2015?

Originally Posted by Christopher Morris View Post
Here is how I understand the workout:
0:00 45# snatch
1:00 55# snatch
2:00 65# snatch
3:00 75# snatch
etc.... until
10:00 145# snatch failed lift (for example)
11:00 155# clean
12:00 165# clean
13:00 175# clean
14:00 185# clean failed lift
15:00 195# deadlift
16:00 205# deadlift
17:00 215# deadlift
etc... until
25:00 295# deadlift failed lift

The score for this example would be:
135# snatch
175# clean
285# deadlift

This could be a long workout for someone with higher 1RM lifts. It's not intended to be a metcon, but a strong and (somewhat) slow workout.
I thought once you hit failure you started again with the bar on the next movement. But then the WOD would last for 1-2 hours.

Very unclear from the start as they could have written. continue with bar and weight to next movement until failure.

But I did it the way you said...
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