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Eric Huesman
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Updating (editing) informational post


I started a thread last week that includes an attachment. The attachment is a chart comparing barbells from some of the more common CrossFit brands.

A few of the brands have commented about erroneous information in the chart. A piece of the bad information was wholly my fault and stemmed from me not knowing there was a difference between black zinc and black oxide finishes, so I used the term black oxide for all the black finishes. The other pieces of erroneous information were obtained from the brand's websites and/or from emailing the brands, which sometimes conflicted with themselves or each other.

I would like to update the thread with a corrected chart in the first post. If I am also able to add a note that the information in the chart is correct as of XX/XX/2013, it would prevent the need to continually update the information.

Please let me know if this is possible and I can email someone the corrected chart.


Eric Huesman
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